Saturday, November 14, 2015

Our trip to the tattoo parlor at Sheppard. Think we called the first guy Willie or something, he had a weird name. Yup, that's me thuggin there in the midle. And Lambert on the end there.

Ever wonder what a group of people do while they wait for orders after washing out of an Air Force training school? Now you know.

Just one of the ways to get into a shower.

Who's that pimp eating a popsicle? Yes those dog tags go pretty far down.

Mmmmm, chilled monkey brains. Notice how I'm more worried about the hair than the fact that he's trying to stab me with a spoon.

Steak N' Shake, the only place to be after a New Years Milenium rave.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Cleaning the Mac

Yesterday I attempted to download photos from a story I'm working on and got the dreaded "your hard drive is full" message. I spent a bit of time the last couple of days figuring out what is where and what can be moved or deleted. 

Of course iTunes was a main storage hog. Figuring it out and moving everything from the computer to the external drive wasn't too difficult. I didn't empty the trash can until I knew I had everything set up right this time. It was still a long two hours watching iTunes update the library from the new folder. But it works now and I have space on my computer. 

Aperture is also a storage hog, but I don't keep photos I have finished in the program. They normally get put right on the external. So, that wasn't too big of a deal. 

After doing those two things and deleting various other backup files I was able to clean up like 60 gigs to give me 106 gigs free. YAY! The disk usage display still doesn't seem to be displaying correctly. I have over 50 gigs of "Other" and 26 gigs of movies on the computer according to it. Guess I'll be looking for those. 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Moving and the interwebs

I moved into a different room a couple of weeks ago. It's more like an apartment, complete with a kitchen. Too bad I don't get extra money for food being here, the chow hall is free for me. The stove won't get much use. 

When I moved, the inter webs provider gave me a different modem. After two weeks of trying  to set up the wireless network, complete with terrible tech support, I now have Wi-Fi in my room. It was getting rough, not get not having it part, but the not being able to get it to work. I even went looking at routers yesterday before it started working again.

Labor Day weekend a few of us went to a Brazilian festival near Harajuku. That was a good time. There were performances on the main stage and throughout the area. A few martial groups were holding demonstrations. They almost seemed to be free styling their fights. Not something I'd think of as a good idea, but they were slow so it was OK.

Work is going well, I might have a broadcaster. Well, someone that works in a completely different section may or may not end up in my office. Nobody is quite sure where he belongs. It's a good thing he's only been here a month.

Lazy Days
I went to a place called Showa Park yesterday with a couple of people in a photography club I'm in. It was a good day to take photos. We were there for about five hours and I got some good stuff. I'm no too bad, but the two others are really into photography. They started naming lenses and I just listened. The guy shoots concerts and things on the side here. 

Homie's helpful hint:  Check out more of my photos at Flickr

Monday, August 22, 2011

Finding my way

   Iku came down from Misawa and we went to dinner with a couple of her friends. We went to a yakiniku place. They have grills in the tables and you grill your own meat and vegetables.

   Saturday I decided to go to downtown Tokyo. I got online and found an area I wanted to go to and went to the train station. Getting around wasn't too hard. The part where more than one station lacked maps in English hindered me a bit. But, I knew pretty much where I was going, so I just picked the line going in that direction.

   I was headed to the part of Tokyo where the New Sanno hotel is, it's a military hotel in the middle of Tokyo, and I figured I'd find it from the Roppongi station. I'd made that walk more than once during the few days I was here in 2002.

Just another Saturday in Harajuku
   The train was going by Shibuya, so I decided to get off at the Harajuku station to see this "Harajuku Style" I've heard about. It was cool to see the outfits and costumes. I made a lap, maybe two around the shops and stuff then walked to Shibuya. I went from the young and crazy to uppity and expensive in about half-a-mile. 

   I didn't make it far into Shibuya because there was stuff going on that distracted me. 

   In the middle of everything was a wooded area, so I went to see what was in it. Along the way, five locals came running up. They were looking for people to show around and practice English with. They lead me to the shrine there and showed me how to rinse my hands and mouth before going into the sacred area. 

   When I came out of the area I noticed a big crowd going toward an arena, so I went too. It was some concert thing, so I didn't go in. Walking around the parking lot, I came across a big Hip-Hop gathering.

   Today's Japanese B-Boys and girls look like America's 80's B-Boys and girls. There were old-school Kangol hats and knee-high socks with the two stripes everywhere. 

   They were having a break dance competition. I also witnessed a rap battle and jump ropers. And I can't forget the turtle on a leash. That was good stuff. 

   Then it was off to the train to find Roppongi. I was able to walk around and check it out before it turned into a jumpin club area. I'm sure it's still a great place to party into the morning. I'll probably do that at some point while I'm here. I did go to a bar and have a couple of drinks while I was there. Hey, the girls were wearing bikini tops, would you not go in? 

That's how you park
   I didn't want to get stranded somewhere because the trains stop running around midnight, so I headed back to Fussa-shi, where base is, around eight. It's probably a good thing I did, because it took three hours to get back, not including the hour or so in Tachikawa at the Irish Pub. I have no real idea how I made it back without getting lost. I did stop to ask about the train line to get back here once, like I said, not many English maps around here. But, I might as well have asked a map. His hand gesture was good enough to get me on the right train though. I would have been fine if I had gone back the way I went. I'm sure I can cut some time off of the travel next time by taking a more direct route.

   Maybe next time I'll take a map app so I know just what trains to get on. Maybe not, but I will learn the Kanji for some of the more important stops along the way. It's a good thing I memorized the symbol for Tachikawa on the way out.



Sunday, July 31, 2011

Back in Japan

Well, I have officially been in Japan for my first weekend. It was a good one, a bit rainy so no going out at night. That's when it rains for real. 

I have been off base a few times to check things out. Thursday I walked to the other end of town and seen a lot of stuff. This is a nice old town. I happened across a public pool, I did not know they had those here. I probably won't be there much. I'm  pretty pale, especially when compared to the locals. 

I stay in the dorms here. It's ok because I'm near the BX, shopette, and the gate. I'll only need to utilize a vehicle or bike to get to work for the most part. The train station isn't very far and goes into Tokyo, not sure what the price to ride there is yet. I might find out next weekend. 

As you can see in the picture, I became a part of a parade today. There were a couple going through town. I'm not sure why, but it was cool to see, and be a part of. 

I have been to my new unit, but not many people were there, it was Friday and the commander's going away luncheon was going on. I do have an office all to my self, until a photographer finally gets assigned here. It's small, just enough room for three desks. I think there should be four,  not sure if I'm getting two broadcasters at some point, or just one. Might not get any, who knows whats going on. 

Heads up from Homie:  I am thinking about switching to Tumblr for this. It just seems more intuitive, and I can do more stuff, like post to Facebook and Twitter directly. We'll see what happens.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Random thoughts from Panama

This is a CE tent, why is open?

Showers inside of an Alaskan, why not bring a shower trailer?

Really? People brought air mattresses?

Fresh coconut milk delicious, Almond Joy are not delicious, why?

Dear port-a-pot designers, there is no room for a sink. I don't want to be Gumby to pee.

I sure do feel sorry for the people who have to use these for four months.

Why is there BB-Q sauce with my meatloaf with my MRE?

Booty booty booty rockin everywhere.

I bet the more colorful the chicken, the tastier the meat.

Is the JAG playing the Meow game? Yes, he's up to nine.

Yard chicken with spaghetti and rice is good, tough but good.

Sure hope this sunburn doesn't hurt tomorrow.

Don't bust your ass, don't bust your ass.

One more cold shower to go.

Three hour old Big Macs are delicious.

Panama Hooters wings are delicious, and the waitresses are pretty darn cute too.

Dear random trash can in Al Brook Mall, take good care of my destroyed Pumas for me.

Panamanese women have pretty nice bodies.

Panama is a fun place.

Good thing the alchohol/common sense didn't give in tonight.

No one should consume one Sangria, three Hurricanes, seven rum and cokes, two tequila shots, and who knows how many mystery drinks shared by a female and still not be drunk, let alone just slightly buzzed.

I bet I can't consume that much next time without passing out.

I'm not sure whether I need to be ready for the airport in two hours or three.

Homie's helpful hint:  When you absolutely need a bottle opener, you can use the sun visor clip to do the job. 

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

WSOP results

The $1,500 was a good sized event. It had 2,394 players and a first place payout of over half a million dollars. I was coasting along for the first few levels. I wasn't in any hands out of position, just the blinds and the button unless I had a decent hand. I folded when I didn't hit the flop. I stole pots when I figured I could. I chased down one hand, a terrible chase I normally don't go for.
  I had 10 3 of hearts in the small blind
  flop is A 5 4, with 2 hearts I bet $450
  guy raises to $1,000 and I call
  turn is a black 7, he bets and call
  River is a black 6
  I push all-in and he calls
  I show the straight and he mucks
Just a couple of hands after that we got into another pot. He raised about three times the big blind and I called. I bet half the pot when all low cards came on the flop. He disgustingly tossed his A Q to the dealer. He was looking at me when he did it, so in an attempt to tilt him, and take him even more off his game, I showed my pocket Kings.

I sat back and watched the action for a while until I get pocket 4s. 
  I call a raise preflop
  flop is 4 Q 8 with a spade draw
  I bet the pot and he pushes all-in
  My chips beat his into the pot
  He shows Q 9 with the spade draw
  My 4s hold up

All is going well up to the dinner break. I come back to play, planning to play the same game I have been the whole day. Then I get pocket Queens and raise to 4 times the blind. I get reraised and call all-in. He tables pocket Aces and I don't catch up. I went out at 674th. Well off the money, but I played well and just git a bad hand. 

I played in a $340 tournament the next night and made it into the money. It wasn't far into it, but considering how close I was to being out, I'll take it. There are about 56 people left when this hand happens.
  I have pocket Jacks
  a guy pushes all in and I call
  He shows suited A 7
  An Ace comes on the flop and beats me
  I am left with one $500 chip

I literally had a chip and a chair. I got moved to a new table as soon as that hand was over. Blinds where $200/$400 and I was moved to the big blind. And, there was a $100 ante. My hand held up and I got a nice triple up. I was able to double up on the very next hand and ride it into the money in 16th place.

I took first in a little tournament at the Luxor for a bit of cash. Then I lost the second one there. And that brings us to the brain dump of a hand that took me out of the last $340 tournament.
   I have A 10 of spades
   I raise preflop and get a call
   Flop is K 8 5 with two spades, giving me a flush draw
   I push all in and get called, he has K 10
   I don't catch like I expected and am out

I got nervous about blinding out and didn't really need to push there, but I wasn't getting hands, and when I was going to make a move the two in front of me would make them first. I normally don't get nervous about not making the money, and that's the bad thing about it.

Other than that game, I don't think I played too bad. And at two cashes out of five games, it was a good trip. If only I cashed in the big one and not the small ones. 

It was nice seeing all of the pros there playing. 

I'm already working on a bankroll for next years series. I will make it deep and cash, and maybe even get that bracelet.